Challenger 604

Challenger 604
Challenger 604
Challenger 604
The Challenger is a well-established and very popular aircraft of the heavy jet class which features a wide cabin.
The Challenger 604 from ACM offers up to twelve passengers the opportunity to fly, for instance, nonstop from Europe to Central Africa or Central Asia.
Registration Delivery Passenger configuration Sleeping configuration
D-ASTS 1998 12 seats 4/5 beds
D-AMSC 2000 12 seats 4 beds
Crew Range Maximum cruising altitude Cruising speed
2 pilots
1 attendant
7,000 km 13,000 m 860 km/h
535 mph
470 kt
Cabin dimensions Engines Facilities
Length 8.61 m
Width 2.49 m
Height 1.85 m
Cargo bay 3.25 m3
2 General Electric turbofans CF 34-3B each with 40.7 kN of thrust Fully equipped galley, lavatory, espresso machine ,DVD & CD player, Airshow monitors, satellite telephone