The advantages of flying independently with ACM

"Humans are the only creatures capable of eating a warm meal while flying." This typically humorous observation by the renowned German humorist Loriot puts into context the accomplishment of this incredible feat thanks to the inventiveness of mankind.

The many different advantages of flying are particularly evident in business aviation – the most innovative form of taking to the air. Here are a number of arguments that speak in favour of flying with ACM:
  1. ACM flies directly to your chosen destination worldwide. This is because ACM aircraft are able to land at small airports or ones not frequented by major airlines.
  2. ACM promises the greatest amount of flexibility with your travel plans. With ACM you will not only be choosing the carrier and the departure time but, where appropriate, making decisions on the times and destinations for the next leg of your journey.
  3. ACM can react quickly and at short notice to changes to your scheduling and travel plans.
  4. ACM ensures an efficient schedule.
  5. You will save time at the airports thanks to the care provided in the business aviation terminals.
  6. For you and your companions this means: shorter distances, faster security checks and the direct handling of your luggage.
  7. Loriot would have also been impressed with the ACM board service as the warm meals are tailored to your preferences. Simply inform us of your chosen menu. Our flight attendants are trained to a very high standard ensuring service on board that is both pleasurable and discrete.
  8. If wished, ACM will gladly organize your arrival and onward journey with limousines guaranteeing fast and comfortable travel connections without delay.

We shall be happy to supply you with offers for your chosen destinations.