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This super mid-size jet is the fastest aircraft in the business jet sector flying just below the speed of sound at 970 km/h. The Citation X is the largest jet by American manufacturer Cessna. The ideal aircraft for routes such as Moscow - Malaga or from Europe with one stop to the east coast of America.
Registration Delivery Passenger configuration Sleeping configuration
D-BTEN 1999 8 seats 4 beds
Crew Range Maximum cruising altitude Cruising speed
2 pilots
1 flight attendant
6,100 km 15,000 m 970 km/h
604 mph
525 kt
Cabin dimensions Engines Facilities
Length 6.80 m
Width 1.70 m
Height 1.75 m
Cargo bay 2.70 m3
2 Rolls-Royce turbofans AE 3007C each with 28.7 kN of thrust Galley area, lavatory, Airshow monitors, satellite telephone, CD player, portable DVD player