ACM company history

In an era when the spirit of the pioneers of aviation could still be sensed, Claus Kühl, father of ACM partner Hannelore Kühl-Minninger, establishes a small aviation company with a flying school at the Baden-Oos airfield in Baden-Baden. On becoming an authorized Cessna dealer, Claus Kühl’s offer at the Baden-Oos airfield is extended to include aviation maintenance. Soon an average fleet of 20-25 small, single and twin-engine airplanes are available for training, private pilot rental and taxi flights covering Germany and central Europe.

The company Flugdienst Kühl GmbH undergoes a sweeping restructuring plan. The flying school operations are discontinued with the company’s activities focussing solely on business aviation with turboprop aircraft, resulting in the radius of activity being extended considerably.

For the very first time, a small business jet is put into operation. Hannelore Kühl-Minninger and Thomas Minninger apply on behalf of the newly founded ACM AIR CHARTER Minninger GmbH for an operating licence.

In April, ACM are granted an operator’s certificate by the German aviation authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) allowing them to conduct commercial flights, beginning, at first in connection with Flugdienst Kühl, with a Cessna Citation V.

The new addition of a Citation VII marks the first midsize jet to join the fleet. ACM’s headquarters are relocated from the airfield in Baden-Oos to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden International Airport, the former Canadian military base on the outskirts of Baden-Baden. Dr. Andreas Schirmeisen joins the company as a partner and executive director, Hannelore Kühl-Minninger becomes a shareholder. The company name is changed to ACM AIR CHARTER Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH.

ACM is granted an additional licence to conduct aircraft maintenance work adding another mainstay to the company with the maintenance department. Germany’s first commercially registered Challenger 604 aircraft goes into operation at ACM, opening the market for long-range flights.

The ACM fleet sees expansion with the arrival of the first European registered Citation X, the world’s fastest business jet. The ACM Handling business division experiences an upturn in its operations thanks to the ever increasing traffic at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden International Airport.

The expansion and modernisation of the ACM premises lays the foundations for the continued development of the maintenance and handling divisions, and for the human resource needs of the expanding aircraft fleet.

The expansion of ACM’s apron to 7000 sq m ensures an even larger standing area for aircraft along with additional improvements to comfort.

The first Dassault aircraft begins operation at ACM: a Falcon 2000EX EASy.

The first ultra-long range jet goes into operation. The Bombardier Global Express XRS enables nonstop transatlantic flights in both directions.

Acquisition of a second aircraft hangar at Baden Airport.

Extension of the company’s licence to operate the first commercially registered Dassault Falcon 7X in Germany: another ultra-long range jet featuring the latest generation of cockpit.

A second Global Express XRS expands the fleet to eight aircraft.

With a new Bombardier Global 6000 the third ultra-long-haul jet joins the fleet.

With the operation of two new Boeing BBJ2 ACM AIR CHARTER is also active in the area of VIP-Airliner.

Today, in addition to the active managing partners, more than 90 ACM employees in approximately 12,000 sq m of hangar, service and office space ensure a professional, smooth running service in all areas of business aviation.