Falcon 7X

Falcon 7X
Falcon 7X
Falcon 7X
Falcon 7X
ACM AIR CHARTER is the first and only provider in Germany to offer this modern jet commercially for charter flights. Manufactured by Dassault, it belongs in the category of ultra-long range aircraft and features tri-jet power.
The spacious cabin has 15 seats. For night flights, 5 comfortable beds can be configured.
With a range of 11,000 kilometres, destinations such as Shanghai, Los Angeles and Johannesburg can be reached nonstop from Europe.
Registration Delivery Passenger configuration Sleeping configuration
D-APLC 2010 15 seats 5 beds
Crew Range Maximum cruising altitude Cruising speed
2 pilots
1-2 flight attendants
11,000 km 13,500 m 900 km/h
560 mph
485 kt
Cabin dimensions Engines Facilities
Length 11.91 m
Width 2.34 m
Height 1.88 m
Cargo bay 4.4 m3
3 Pratt & Whitney turbofans PW307A each with 28.5 kN of thrust Fully equipped galley, espresso machine, two lavatories, DVD & CD player, Airshow monitors, printer and fax machine, Wi-Fi internet, satellite telephone